What’s the Most Popular, Exemplary Textbook for Teaching Reading?

“This text is strongly recommended. It provides appropriate and trustworthy content based in the science of reading. A rich discussion of each component lays the groundwork for the application of concepts through multiple teaching processes and instructional practices. Research-based assessments and instructional next steps are included for each component, including Spanish language versions of key assessments.”
—National Council on Teacher Quality, 2023

“I’ve used the Sourcebook for my courses on early reading and reading intervention. My students have always commented on its usefulness for understanding the science of reading development and its application to effective teaching.”

—David J. Chard, PhD, President, Wheelock College

“The Sourcebook provides both distilled theory and research, with lessons you can teach tomorrow morning. It is a keeper . . . a textbook that preservice and classroom teachers will want to keep and pull off of their professional bookshelf quite often.”

—Shane Templeton, PhD, Foundation Professor Emeritus, Literacy Studies, University of Nevada, Reno

“The Sourcebook is an invaluable resource. The content is easy to read, presented in a way that makes learning palatable.”

—Brenda J. Thomas, Senior Instructional Specialist, New York City Department of Education