“According to the expert reviewers at the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), this textbook does a good job comprehensively addressing the five key components of early reading instruction (phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension) for future elementary teachers. We recommend it!

  • The Teaching Reading Sourcebook is a good textbook and a valuable resource for classroom teachers at all levels. The Common Core Standards are specifically referenced throughout.
  • The Big Five: The Sourcebook covers all essential reading skills from pre-reading through proficiency with an emphasis on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension as recommended by the National Reading Panel.
  • A clear structure is followed throughout the book. Each chapter is structured as What, Why, When, and How. Each section includes a summary of the research findings as well as a bibliography for further reading.
  • Lesson Plans and Activities: The most practical aspect of this textbook is the sample lesson plans and activities structured as direct and explicit instruction. The sample lessons can be used as in-class practice or in the practicum. Each section also includes strategies for ELLs and the struggling reader. Informal assessments are provided throughout.
  • The supplementary materials may be used for practices. Chapters also include discussion questions, which provide students opportunities to articulate what they have learned. The textbook, taught well, is not only convenient for instructors but will also prepare teacher candidates to be effective reading instructors from day one of their professional practice.
  • Research on reading instruction is ongoing and instructors need to keep abreast of the latest findings and supplement any textbook with what has been scientifically found to be most effective. Although users of the Teaching Reading Sourcebook may wish more information were provided on ELLs and struggling readers, these critical topics are typically taught as separate courses.”

“I’ve used the Sourcebook for my courses on early reading and reading intervention. My students have always commented on its usefulness for understanding the science of reading development and its application to effective teaching.”

—David J. Chard, PhD, President, Wheelock College

“The Sourcebook provides both distilled theory and research, with lessons you can teach tomorrow morning. It is a keeper . . . a textbook that preservice and classroom teachers will want to keep and pull off of their professional bookshelf quite often.”

—Shane Templeton, PhD, Foundation Professor Emeritus, Literacy Studies, University of Nevada, Reno

“The Sourcebook is an invaluable resource. The content is easy to read, presented in a way that makes learning palatable

—Brenda J. Thomas, Senior Instructional Specialist, New York City Department of Education