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Sourcebook Resources Section 

PDF of the Sourcebook’s Resources Section (pp. 755–799) provides Sample Texts, Activity Masters, and Teaching Charts to use in conjunction with Sample Lesson Models.

Sourcebook Learning Objectives and Key Vocabulary

Learning Objectives and Key Vocabulary for Each Section Introduction and Chapter

Sourcebook Slides

74 Slides for Professional Learning


Correlation Between the Sourcebook and CCSS for English Language Arts

For College Instructors

Sourcebook Quick Quizzes (Brookes Download Hub)

Online Resources

NAEP Report Card: Reading, 2022
National Center on Improving Literacy
Put Reading First
The Reading League
Reading Rockets
Scarborough’s Reading Rope
Science of Reading: Defining Guide
Science of Reading Resource Library (CORE)
Simple View of Reading
Structured Literacy: An Introduction (IDA)
Teaching Reading Is Rocket Science, 2020 (Moats)
UF Literacy Institute
Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
What Works Clearinghouse
Foundational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding (K–3)
The Four Pillars to Reading Success (NCTQ)
Glossary of Terms (UF Literacy Institute)
How Spelling Supports Reading
International Dyslexia Association (IDA)
Lesson Model Videos from CORE
Morpheme Frequency in English