About the Teaching Reading Sourcebook
About the Common Core State Standards and the Teaching Reading Sourcebook

(Section titles link to Learning Objectives and Key Vocabulary.)

The Big Picture

Section I: Word Structure
Chapter 1: Structure of English
Chapter 2: Structure of Spanish

Section II: Early Literacy
Section Introduction
Chapter 3: Print Awareness
Chapter 4: Letter Knowledge
Chapter 5: Phonological Awareness

Section III: Decoding and Word Recognition
Section Introduction
Chapter 6: Phonics
Chapter 7: Irregular Word Reading
Chapter 8: Multisyllabic Word Reading

Section IV: Reading Fluency
Section Introduction
Chapter 9: Fluency Assessment
Chapter 10: Fluency Instruction

Section V: Vocabulary
Section Introduction
Chapter 11: Specific Word Instruction
Chapter 12: Word-Learning Strategies
Chapter 13: Word Consciousness

Section VI: Comprehension
Section Introduction
Chapter 14: Literary Text
Chapter 15: Informational Text

MTSS for Reading Success

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